Who can be a Navigator?

This guide is a resource for “navigators” — the teachers, counselors, advisors, youth workers, family members, mentors, and other advocates who guide youth through the twists and turns on the road to becoming college and career ready. Whether playing a formal or informal role, these college and career readiness navigators are critical to helping young people map out the journeys toward the futures they want for themselves.

A New Framework for College and Career Readiness

What does it mean to be college and career ready? The terms are neither synonymous nor mutually exclusive, and planning for a successful future requires a unified approach. This interactive digital guide highlights what navigators can do to nurture the critical connections young people must make between college and career readiness. It is organized into three interconnected parts: College Readiness, Career Readiness, and College and Career Readiness. Focusing on the center of the College and Career Readiness Venn Diagram — the knowledge and skills that prepare students for access to and success in both postsecondary education and entry level career opportunities — will better position youth for lifelong success.

CollegeReadiness College andCareer Readiness CareerReadiness College Planningand Preparation Academic Knowledge Academic Skills Academic and      Educational       Engagement Integrated Education and CareerPlanning and Preparation Ability to Apply and Link
Academic,  Technical, and CareerKnowledge and Skills Foundation (Soft) Skillsfor Postsecondary Academicand Career Success Career Planningand Preparation Technical Knowledge Technical Skills          Career     Awarenessand Engagement

Here you can access key resources including College and Career Readiness: A Guide for Navigators. This downloadable version of the guide features all the content of the digital guide in a printable format. You can also download a printable version of the Education and Career Plan, a simple, written form to help students identify the specific steps needed to achieve their education and career goals.